CBB eviction news: Who are the first two famous faces up for eviction?


DJ James Whale and Anthea Turner's ex-husband Grant Bovey have become the first housemates to be put up for eviction from this year's Celebrity Big Brother house.

They were easily the top picks among their fellow housemates who came up with a range of reasons - including loud snoring, loyalty and being distant - as to why they wanted to see the back of them.

James, 65, and Grant, 55, will face the public vote and find out who will leave on Friday.

Celebrity Big Brother star Grant Bovey
Celebrity Big Brother star Grant Bovey is best known for being Anthea Turner's ex-husband (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

Pantomime veteran Christopher Biggins pointed out that he is a friend of Grant's ex-wife and former Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner.

Of his reasons for nominating Grant, he said: "I think we have issues of loyalty to ex-wives and things. Anthea was a great friend of mine ... and I think she was treated quite badly by him."

TV presenter and buisnesswoman Saira Khan picked Grant because the father-of-three "sided" with Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson who exposed her breasts to her.

Whale also nominated Grant in light of this incident, saying: "If Grant believes that is acceptable behaviour then in my view Grant has to go."

The bemused trio - Christopher, Saira and James - huddled together after Big Brother confirmed who would be up for eviction and spoke about who they had nominated.

Big Brother said housemates will be punished for talking about their nominations.

James Whale in the Big Brother house
James Whale in the Big Brother house (Channel 5)

In the diary room, Grant later said that nobody wants to be the first person to be evicted before correctly guessing some of the people who had put him in this potential position.

He told Big Brother: "I think James nominated me because of what he said about me.

"Saira probably nominated me because she didn't feel that I defended her sufficiently well enough when there was a conflict. I am not here to wave a finger. Anyone who comes in to this house knows what they are letting themselves in for otherwise they are stupid.

"I think the honeymoon is over."

Ricky Norwood has gone into the Celebrity Big Brother house
Ricky Norwood has gone into the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

Former EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood said he wants Grant to go because he has to get some sleep. "Grant has been snoring and coughing," he complained.

Grant had nominated James suggesting that the DJ did not care if he stayed in the house and so did not deserve to be there.

Among the other housemates who thought James should go were Mob Wives star Renee Graziano who said James "fits in a little bit less" with the group because he is so guarded.

X Factor reject Katie Waissel thought James might be an interesting personality because of his life as a radio talk show host but felt that he was keeping a "cap" on this part of his character.