Adam Deacon says he's 'back to being Adam'


It's been a tumultuous few years for Adam Deacon but now it appears he's on the other side, and in a good place.

The writer, actor and director sat down for a lengthy chat with the Evening Standard to talk about the events that lead to him drawing a sword outside his home following an argument with a neighbour, a crime he was sectioned for but looks back on with gratitude.

"I think someone had to step in," said Adam. "I was doing things that were out of character and something had to be stopped. I take my hat off to the NHS because they got me better. I will never do those things again. I'm back to being Adam."

Adam Deacon with his Bafta Rising Star award following Anuvahood (Ian West/PA)
Adam Deacon with his Bafta Rising Star award following Anuvahood (Ian West/PA)

The Kidulthood star has an upcoming cameo in Channel 5´s Suspects, his first role since all the drama with former mentor Noel Clarke kicked off.

Noel wrote both Kidulthood and Adulthood, but a rift appeared between Noel and Adam following the release of Anuvahood, Adam's 2010 directorial debut, because of use of the word "hood". A social media war, that consisted mainly of Adam sending comments in Noel's direction, resulted in lengthy court battles and a restraining order.

The 33-year-old revealed he had an offer to appear in Noel's Brotherhood, released last month, but refused.

"How does that work? You don't want to talk to me again but you want me in your film?" said Adam.

Read the whole interview here, and catch Suspects at 10pm on Wednesday August 3.