Where is Frank Ocean's new album? Fans develop 'trust issues' after musician live-streams an empty room


What is Frank Ocean playing at? Having promised a new album due in July 2015, the musician promptly went quiet.

And now, with Boys Don't Cry looking like it was FINALLY due to drop, he is keeping fans on their feet with a mysterious live-stream.

Fans were hoping he would stick to his revised July 2016 release date and there was a surge of hope when the live-stream appeared on his website at the last minute. However, that hope has been short-lived.

So far... NO ALBUM. After two hours of white noise in an empty studio.

Watching the live stream made some people pretty antsy.

Is Frank Ocean just playing us?

Which Pokemon is Frank, seeing as he is so hard to track down...?

Or perhaps he's not a Pokemon after all. Perhaps he's Wally.

Or... a deadbeat dad?

We all know someone just like Frank Ocean.

Others cursed themselves for ever trusting him.

And vowed never to be taken in again...

Fans were struggling to put on a brave face this morning.

Let's just hope he gets over his procrastination...

Frank Ocean performing in 2012
Frank Ocean performing in 2012 (Vegard Grott/AP)