Viewers outraged after Christopher Biggins tells bisexuals to 'pick a team' in Celebrity Big Brother


If you thought things couldn't get more controversial on Celebrity Big Brother after Saira-gate you'd be wrong.

One of the favourites to win the show, Christopher Biggins, called out bisexual individuals in Monday's show, saying people had to be "honest" and "pick a team".

Biggins was talking with Renee Graziano about homosexuality when he made the remarks, and viewers weren't happy.

Biggins also said people used bisexuality as an excuse to hide the fact they are gay.

He lost the support of quite a few viewers with the comments.

The incident with Saira Khan also rumbled on this episode - when Marnie Simpson exposed her breasts as a dare was it a bit of fun or was Saira being bullied?

Twitter was divided.

The contestants nominated people they'd like to see leave the house - Grant Bovey and James Whale will face eviction on Friday.