Marnie Simpson accused of bullying after flashing Saira Khan following clash that saw her break down in tears on Celebrity Big Brother


Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson was slammed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers for her "vile" flashing of Saira Khan after a day of heated arguments in the house.

Saira broke down in tears earlier in the day after being ganged up on by Heavy D, Lewis Bloor, Marnie and Stephen Bear, who accused her of being patronising.

After an uncomfortable conversation that morning with Stephen when Saira had asked him if he punched anyone, he told her: "I think you're trying to trick me into making me look really bad."

"I don't think you need me to make me look bad," she replied to Stephen, telling him she found him aggressive and sparking a huge row.

In the Diary Room, Saira burst into tears, saying: "I'm so out of my comfort zone with some of these people.

Saira called Bear
Saira called Stephen "aggressive" (Channel 5)

"I did not think Big Brother would make me crack after just three days."

She continued: "I do not like Bear, I do not like his behaviour, I do not like what he stands for. I think he's an aggressive, violent person."

After seeking solace in the bedroom, Saira then found herself in an argument with Marnie after the Geordie Shore star apologised.

The housemates had
The housemates had "attacked" Saira in the kitchen (Channel 5)

Saira told her: "I find when you've got a bit of drink you're a different person to when you haven't had a bit of drink."

Marnie, who said she hadn't had a drink, accused her of throwing her apology back in her face.

Viewers quickly turned against Saira.

Although others thought Saira may have been ganged up on.

However, the night took a nastier turn when Saira became the target of Marnie's dare in a game of Truth or Dare.

She was told by Stephen to approach Saira and ask, "Do you think the reason we had the big argument is because I have better boobs than you?"

Marnie flashed her breasts at Saira (Channel 5)
Marnie flashed her breasts at Saira (Channel 5)

Approaching her with an apology, Marnie then flashed her breasts to an unimpressed Saira.

DJ James Whale was appalled by the Marnie's actions.

"That was uncalled for. That was a bet? I don't find that very funny," he said.

Viewers agreed it was "vile" to watch.

 Celebrity Big Brother continues on Monday at 9pm.