Kylie Jenner is on 'mom duty' as she gets a new addition to the family!


If Kylie Jenner hadn't had enough practise at motherhood with her gaggle of nieces and nephews, she's got her own new addition to the family.

The reality star and make-up mogul shared a picture on Instagram on Saturday of her adorable new puppy, captioning it, "Mom duty".

The pup, which she named Penny, was an early birthday present from her friend Jordyn Wood, and the whole day was documented on her Snapchat.

The videos show Kylie was clearly besotted with Penny as she cuddled her everywhere - in her house, in the garden and curled up her lap in the car.

Penny has lots of ready-made friends as Kylie owns four dogs already: Ernie, Norman, Sophie and Bambi.

Kylie will turn 19 on August 10.