Did the latest episode feature the worst Robot Wars fight ever?


Robot Wars is bringing back great childhood memories for a lot of people, and it's fair to say that viewers are really getting into the remake on BBC 2.

So when a battle between two robots during episode 2 was, shall we say, rather eventful (OK, fine, literally nothing happened) people were not afraid to voice their anguish about how dull it was.

Foxic and Mr Speed Squared in the arena
(Sceengrab/BBC Two)

Commentator Jonathan Pearce called the contest between Foxic and Mr Speed Squared one of the dullest he's ever seen in fact. And a lot of people on Twitter agreed, branding it the worst battle ever.

Yep, Judge Noel Sharkey definitely didn't think the battle was exciting to watch either. We all heard him say so.

Brutal...but fair.

Neither Foxic or Mr Speed Squared seemed capable of doing much in the arena at all TBH - but Mr Speed Squared managed to be named the winner.

Yeah, presenter Angela Scanlon summed it up quite nicely really.