There's an actual Poke-rave happening in London

There's a big decision people are having to make at the moment - go out and have a good time at a club or a party, like the Saturday nights of the past, or simply grab your phone and go out hunting for Pokemon again?

But we've discovered the perfect event for everyone facing that predicament. And it even involves Pokemon podium dancers (just go with it...).

Yep, The Grand in Clapham, London, really is hosting a Pokemon Go party tonight. What does this themed club night involve exactly, we hear you excitedly cry?

Well, there's a Hidden Pokemon Treasure Hunt (where you can win free drinks, or more importantly, 14,500 PokeCoins), a Pokemon confetti drop, those Pokemon podium dancers we were telling you about and, last but not least, a secret Pokemon screening room showing all your favourite Pokemon episodes. Because whoever said you couldn't party and watch TV at the same time?

Advance tickets have sadly sold out already...

But, fear not - they know how many of us are going, well, a little (very) Pokemon GO crazy right now and there will be some £10 tickets available on the door from 10pm onwards. First come, first served, obvs.

Pokemon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

According to the event's Facebook page, the Poke-rave comes after Westminster Council shut down an Ultimate Pokemon Go meet up in Trafalgar Square.

It says in the details of the event: "The Grand is Lure Moduled up and they've got good wifi (don't worry we checked) so come with your phones fully charged and your game face about you."

Really, what more could you want from your Saturday night?

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