Dwayne Johnson just released some major Fast And Furious 8 spoilers


Hobbs is not a man to be challenged.

Dwayne Johnson - also known as The Rock - just dropped some major info about the eighth instalment of Fast And Furious, mainly that his character will be busting out of a high security prison!

He captioned this pic: "When our Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan said to me months ago, 'How insane would it be if in Fast8, Hobbs was sentenced to the most hard core maximum security prison in the world!?'

"To which I responded, 'How even more insane and FUN FOR THE FANS would it be if Hobbs said f*** this, I'm gettin' out... try and stop me.'

"Our goal here was to give you - the fans - a 'holy s***' iconic prison breakout.

"For days our intensity was thru the roof. As it should be.

"And that big round iron thing on the back of Hobbs' arm is commonly referred to from scientist as his tricep."