Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor saved from eviction by housemate Christopher Biggins


Celebrity Big Brother's Christopher Biggins has unintentionally saved Lewis Bloor from the show's first eviction on Friday.

Pantomime veteran Christopher believes he is the secret boss with the power to nominate housemates to face the public vote. However in this twist, the people he selects are immune and will not be leaving the famous Elstree house this week.

Christopher, tasked with spilling water over his next choice for "eviction", picked former The Only Way Is Essex star Lewis.

Christopher Biggins is in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA)
Christopher Biggins is in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA)

As the other housemates laughed, the 67-year-old poured a glass of water over the younger man with the words: "I'm so sorry!"

Meanwhile, contestants Saira Khan and James Whale clashed after the Loose Women panellist asked him if he was racist.

Saira said she had researched James before entering the house and had seen the claims online.

Lewis Bloor (Channel 5)
Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor (Channel 5)

The broadcaster and talk show host, 65, responded: "I've never heard so much rubbish in my entire life. I don't think I am known for that. Am I known for that? I don't know. I really don't know. I've been one of the judges of the British curry awards for 10 years."

As the contestants settled in for their first evening in the house on Thursday, James reignited the subject, telling other housemates that Saira thought he was a racist.

She hit back: "No I did not think that. I did not say that. OK excuse me sir ... I didn't say that, so don't twist it."

Saira Khan (Ian West/PA)
Celebrity Big Brother's Saira Khan (Ian West/PA)

James laughed off the remark and explained he had a "strange sense of humour", saying: "I'm winding you up."

But Saira said: "If that's a wind-up, some people could take that seriously."

She added: "I said 'When you type your name, it's tagged with you, and why?' And you said, 'It's unfair,' so I said, 'OK'.

"You say that and people go, 'Oh my goodness why's she said that?' All of a sudden you've created a perception."

James Whale and Saira Khan (Channel 5)
James Whale and Saira Khan (Channel 5)

She accepted his apology, but warned: "Don't wind me up. Because they're quite serious allegations."

Later in the evening Saira was unwittingly saved from eviction by Christopher.

He gave her a kiss on the lips, as instructed by Big Brother - not knowing that he was earning her immunity.