See Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in a brand new trailer


Jenna Coleman has made her debut as a young Queen Victoria in the first trailer for the much-anticipated drama.

Former Doctor Who star Jenna plays the monarch in new eight-part series Victoria, following the early years of her reign after she ascends to the throne at the tender age of 18.

Victoria is shown finding out for the first time that she is to become queen, receiving news from Windsor that the King, William IV, has died.

She promises a portrait of her late father, Prince Edward: "I will do my best, papa."

Rufus Sewell is shown as the monarch's first prime minister Lord Melbourne, encouraging the young Queen despite criticisms from around her that "she is out of her depth" and "the strain is too much for her".

Jenna Coleman in forthcoming ITV drama Victoria (ITV)
Jenna Coleman in forthcoming ITV drama Victoria (ITV)

But the two also clash, with Victoria warning: "Lord Melbourne, you forget yourself. I believe I shall find my own way and if I require advice, I will ask for it."

The series chronicles the public and private life of the monarch through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes.

The clip was shared on Twitter and will air for the first time on ITV at 7.28pm on Friday. Victoria will air in the autumn.