Celebrity First Dates: Everybody was rooting for Musharaf and Salina's adorably awkward date

Tonight's episode of First Dates saw the TV return of a duo who were very close to our hearts a few years ago. While Musharaf and Mr Burton from Made In Yorkshire might not register on many people's radars as "celebrities", we were nonetheless very happy to see them.

In case your memory of the moment Mr Burton helped Musharaf overcome his stutter, here's a little reminder.

Mushy returned to our screens with a new beard and a hot date, Salina.

(First Dates/Channel 4)

Their awkward yet endearing chat had everyone on Twitter feeling very mushy indeed.

Things got even more painfully adorable when First Dates revealed that Mushy (who said musicals weren't really his thang) went to see Les Mis with his lady a week later.

In other news, Jess Woodley from Made in Chelsea's date might have been void of any major sparks, but she certainly wowed a lot of people on Twitter.

Love is all around, even for the rich and slightly famous.

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