Zayn Malik talks girlfriend Gigi Hadid, acting ambitions and his insecurities about life after One Direction


Zayn Malik has told of his constant struggle with self-doubt as he spoke about leaving One Direction and his relationship with model Gigi Hadid.

The Pillowtalk singer admitted he is "still taking it all in" as his life has changed so much in the past year, and revealed insecurities about leaving the band that made him famous.

Zayn Malik
(Elle UK/Nabil Elderkin)

Speaking of his decision to quit 1D, he told Elle UK: "At that time in my life I felt I had done everything I could do there and I just needed to change it up.

"It didn't feel brave. I just don't have it in me to feel fully secure in anything I do.

"I always strive towards something better. It's why I think sometimes I come across the wrong way, a bit distant.

Zayn Malik (ELLE UK/ Nabil Elderkin)
(Elle UK/ Nabil Elderkin)

"I'm just stressed out trying to control how I'm perceived. I think about things a lot."

Zayn said his first solo album, Mind Of Mine, was the result of "a build-up of six years and never being able to express what I wanted to say. I had something to get off my chest".

Leaving One Direction allowed him to discover more about himself, he said, "mostly how in love with music I still was".

Zayn Malik
(Elle UK/ Nabil Elderkin)

He cast Gigi in his debut music video and soon began a relationship with her, the success of which he puts down to a matching intellect.

He explained: "She's super intelligent, I think that's why it works so well."

The couple have been in the spotlight since they were first photographed together in November last year, and they regularly post pictures of themselves together on Instagram.

Zayn and girlfriend Gigi
Zayn and girlfriend Gigi (Evan Agostini/AP)

But Zayn made it clear he would love to remove social media from their lives.

He said: "If I had a choice, I would take the camera off everyone's iPhone and make sure we didn't have Twitter or Facebook.

"It affects art form. There's something to be said about living in the moment. I try to keep my phone for calls."

Zayn Malik
(Elle UK/ Nabil Elderkin)

Zayn also revealed he would love to try acting if the right role came along.

"I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came after.

"It completely stopped when I joined the band but I'd definitely be interested if I was given the right role."

Read the full interview in Elle UK, on sale on August 3.