John Torode's Korean chicken on Celebrity Masterchef compared to KFC on Twitter


John Torode cooked a delicious-looking Korean chicken dish on Celebrity Masterchef on Thursday, but fans on Twitter had a mixed reaction to his poultry platter.

The TV chef and his co-star Gregg Wallace put the four finalists - Louise Minchin, Sid Owen, Jimmy Osmond and Alexis Conran - to the test with a palate and skills challenge.

They had to taste the dish and work out which ingredients were involved in the making of it before having to recreate it themselves, and viewers were also treated to John whipping up the dish beforehand to a very hungry Gregg.

While some thought it looked amazing, others quipped that it was something rather basic and comparing it to popular fast food chain KFC.

And Reverend Richard Coles, who crashed out of the BBC TV competition last week joked that he wouldn't have been able to do the challenge himself.