Joe Budden breaks down everything that happened with those two kids


When Joe Budden chased two kids down his street after they stood outside his house singing Drake lyrics, you couldn't move for memes. It looked like the incident had killed any credibility Joe had in the lyrical beef with Drake.

The hype from the incident has largely died down, though, so the New Jersey native clearly saw this as a good opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Sitting down with Sean Evans for en episode of Hot Ones, Joe told how the kids hung around outside his house all day, the various ways he thought about dealing with the situation, and paying the kids' parents a visit.

Outside of Snapchat filters and memes, Joe's response seems a little more measured - or it at least could have been more extreme.

Explaining his decision to visit the house of one of the boys, Joe said: "If my kid were behaving in a way that would get his fucking head popped off, I surely would hope a parent would come and tell me. So that's what I did, I went there to go and speak to a parent or someone who loves that kid."

And with that interview, as well as the admission that he enjoyed the memes, Joe may have just killed this saga.