Kristen Stewart says she is 'really in love' with girlfriend Alicia Cargile

Kristen Stewart declared she is "really in love" with girlfriend Alicia Cargile as she officially confirmed their relationship for the first time.

The Cafe Society actress began a low-profile romance with her former personal assistant in early 2015 before breaking up in October.

Kristen Stewart
(ELLE UK/ Liz Collins)

The pair rekindled their romance at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year after Kristen had a brief relationship with French actress and musician Soko.

The 26-year-old told ELLE UK that she would no longer hide their relationship because it made her look like she was ashamed.

She said: "I think, right now, I'm just really in love with my girlfriend.

"We've broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, 'Finally, I can feel again'."

Kristen Stewart
(ELLE UK/ Liz Collins)

Kristen, who previously dated her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, added that her decision to speak openly about Alicia had made her "so much happier".

She said: "When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialised, so I didn't like it.

"We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, 'That's mine. You're making my relationship something that it's not'. I didn't like that.

Kristen Stewart
(ELLE UK/ Liz Collins)

"But then it changed when I started dating a girl. I was like, 'Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I'm not down with it or I'm ashamed of it', so I had to alter how I approached being in public.

"It opened my life up and I'm so much happier."

Speaking about her previous struggles with anxiety, she said: "I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks...I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn't anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I'd be like, 'Maybe I'm going to get sick.'"

"It's kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that's not to say I don't get worried."

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