Check out the teaser trailer for Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa is finally coming down the chimney again!

After years of chatter, Billy Bob Thornton is stepping back into Santa's red suit for a sequel to the 2003 movie.

Film bosses have unveiled a 35-second trailer for the film and although it doesn't give much away, it shows enough for us to guess that Santa will be swigging booze and upsetting kids just as much as last time.

The first film followed professional thief and sex addicted alcoholic Willie T Stokes (Billy Bob) and his assistant Marcus (Tony Cox), as they posed as Santa and his elf so they could rob shopping centres.

Fans on Twitter are quite overcome with excitement to hear that the foul-mouthed character will be back.

There will also be some new talent helping Santa spread his unique form of festive cheer, as Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks are on board.

Kathy is thought to have been cast as Santa's mum, but it isn't known who Mad Men star Christina will play.

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