Calvin Harris goes shirtless in bizarre Snapchat video to celebrate his MTV VMA nominations


Calvin Harris celebrated his three MTV Video Music Award nominations in a rather bizarre but easy-on-the-eyes Snapchat video on Tuesday evening.

The 32-year-old Scottish DJ received nominations for Best Male Video and Best Collaboration for his hit This Is What You Came For with Rihanna, and also Best Electronic Video for How Deep Is Your Love with Disciples.

Calvin Harris' Snapchat
Calvin Harris celebrated his three MTV VMA nominations with a bizarre, shirtless Snapchat video (Calvin Harris Snapchat)

And, to mark the happy occasion, the handsome star whipped off his T-shirt to display his impeccably toned physique while out for a walk in the sun.

But it wasn't his appearance that made the social media clip stand out: the musician filmed himself while comparing humans with plants.

He said: "I got three VMA nominations today; This Is What You Came For, How Deep Is Your Love.

Calvin Harris' Snapchat
Calvin Harris compared himself to a plant in the social media clip (Calvin Harris Snapchat)

"I'm just out here getting exactly 15 minutes of sun. It's all you need. Use the sun's energy, become a better person with the sun on your side."

He went on: "Really gotta think of yourself as a plant, how do plants grow? The sun, water, you're a f****** plant. You're a plant!

"On that subject if you're being a f****** plant imagine you feed your plant with Jack Daniel's or vodka, what happens to the plant? A bit of tequila or a bit of vodka for your plant is fine though, so, you're the plant."

His strange ramblings concluded with him advising fans to "relax".

The Snapchat video came after it also became apparent that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift was completely snubbed, receiving not one single nomination.

However, she recently confessed to having penned Calvin's This Is What You Came For under a pseudonym.