7 things we know so far about the new Blair Witch movie


It was one of the biggest stories to come out of Comic-Con - there's a follow up to The Blair Witch Project on the way.

The original found footage horror film followed three student filmmakers who disappeared while hiking in some seriously creepy woods.

And now, almost 17 years after it had us quaking in our cinema seats, a sequel has been made.

Here are seven things we know about the movie so far.

1. The film was one of Hollywood's best kept secrets

Keeping something under wraps in Tinseltown is quite the feat - but even in this era of camera phones, YouTube and online leaks, director Adam Wingard and co managed it.
They were making a film known as The Woods, then at its screening at Comic-Con this month they dropped their bombshell - it was actually a cover for Blair Witch.

2. It isn't a reboot or a remake, it's a proper sequel

The plot is set 20 years after the events of the first film and follows James Donohue, the brother of Heather, one of the missing filmmakers from the original.
He and a group of friends head off into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to find out what happened to his sister - with some rather terrifying consequences.
In a nice nod to the first film, one of the group is taking a film class so can record the events.

3. Blair Witch looks TERRIFYING

People are saying the film is among the scariest ever, and the trailer's scenes of shaking tents, mysterious stick figures and traumatised screaming people running through the trees certainly backs that up.
Director Adam has warned: "If the original Blair Witch Project is about being lost in the woods then Blair Witch is about being chased."


4.James Allen McCune will take the lead

James Allen McCune, who stars in America's version of Shameless, will take the lead role.
And he's clearly rather excited...

5. Could the group's guides hold the key to the secret?

This time around, the intrepid adventurers will not be alone.
They are joined by a pair of locals, Lane (Wes Robinson) and Talia (Valorie Curry), who offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods.
But where are they guiding them?
And what are their intentions?

6. We haven't got long to wait

While some movies seem to wallow in the pipeline forever, Blair Witch will be in UK cinemas on September 15, less than two months after we even heard about it.

7. Film fans cannot wait

And it's a good thing that we haven't got long until the premiere, because fans are in countdown mode.