Would you try a Pokemon Go taxi tour?

Edinburgh Central Taxis chairman Tony Kenmuir has devised a route offering gamers the chance to score 50 targets on a single journey.

The firm is offering a flat-price of £15 per journey, which could rack up a hefty profit as the game is a global hit, with 21 million daily users.

Cameron Herkes, IT apprentice at Central Taxis, said: "So I was just sitting in the office and it occurred to me that you could get things in this game done so much more quickly if someone was driving.

"The amount of stuff you'd be able to collect in the shortest time, in game terms, is really useful."

A taxi could take you to all the Poke stops you need. Imagine that?

Cameron said that the idea would be mainly aimed at families and tourists, but pretty much anyone who plays the game.

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