What does Trevor Nelson believe is the key to a happy relationship?


DJ and presenter Trevor Nelson has joked that the secret to a happy relationship is having two televisions.

The 52-year-old is engaged and told the Radio Times that he and his partner both being able to watch what they want is vital.

He said: "I have been married before and divorced and I now think a successful relationship is about people being able to live with each other.

"My missus goes from watching news and documentaries to the Kardashians. I don't get that, the relationship between those two, but I wouldn't say anything to her because we all have our own thing.

"That's why it's very important that you have two TVs in your house. That is the secret, 100 per cent. If you have one TV in the house it's going to kick off."

Trevor Nelson at the Mobo Awards
Trevor Nelson (Yui Mok/PA)

Trevor also said it is a "myth" that he is "hip and trendy" and revealed he has been enjoying the quiet life as he has moved from central London to the suburbs.

"I've just moved from Shoreditch to Barnet outside London," he said.

"Shoreditch is a bit lively, when I was younger I loved it but I'm in a more mature place now and I don't need it on my doorstep.

"I don't want the party at my house. I just want to play music. That's all I have ever wanted to do."

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