We're lovin' it...a McDonald's 'walk-thru' for clubbers


McDonald's is often the go-to meal for people after a night out - but one Wales franchise is about to make it even easier for clubbers to get a box of McNuggets and a McFlurry post-rave.

Llandudno, a seaside town, has a McDonald's with a 24-hour drive-thru, but between the hours of 2:30 and 4am customers will be able purchase from it on-foot.

A shop sign for McDonald's in central London
(Nick Ansell/PA)

The franchise trialled the idea last weekend and following huge success, not least because nearby club Broadway Boulevard recently re-opened, will be doing so again this weekend.

A McDonald's spokeswoman told the Daily Post: "The 'walk-through' was a local initiative by the business manager of the restaurant to invite local residents to come and enjoy a meal at the restaurant after their night out at the newly reopened nightclub Broadway."

We're just wondering why nobody at McDonald's has thought to do it before.