MF DOOM co-signs fan-made Gas Drawls video


The original hip hop supervillain MF DOOM has co-signed a fan-created video for his 1999 Operation: Doomsday track Gas Drawls.

Dustooned drew inspiration from the wealth of DOOM visuals released over the years, as well as from Jason Jagel and Jeff Jank - the former is responsible for Mm.. Food's album cover and the latter is art director for Stones Throw Records. The pair collaborated to release the updated 2011 cover for Doom's second solo album.

Watching the expertly animated video it's clear why DOOM shared it from his official Facebook page. The elusive wordsmith's connection with his fans has always helped him progress in hip hop, where he's always been considered the "rapper's rapper".

You can purchase both the original Operation: Doomsday and the 2011 re-released version here. Or, if you really want, you can get the artwork on a lunchbox.