You'll never guess what Liz Hurley's teenage son looks like now


Liz Hurley's adorable little son Damian has grown into a strapping young man.

The two are clearly best pals, but Liz now has to look up to the 14-year-old after a recent growth spurt.

She captioned one image "Beginning of the end. My baby is taller than me."

And with Liz Hurley playing Queen Helena in soap opera The Royals, Damian has recently been shooting scenes in the role of Hansel von Liechtenstein."

Damian is the son of businessman Steve Bing - but he clearly has his mother's genes.

It wasn't long ago that he looked like this...

Damian and his mum Liz Hurley in 2010
Damian and his mum Liz Hurley in 2010 (PA)

... But now he can pose with the best of them!