There were so many naked bodies in Naked Attraction and Twitter went wild


Channel 4´s new dating show Naked Attraction was about as confusing, awkward and bewildering as we expected it to be.

We saw approximately 20 naked bodies in the opening credits alone.

The way the show works is one singleton looks for a date by looking at six naked bodies and rejecting them one by one.

When one of the contestants is rejected, they walk off stage... completely naked.

Aina, our first picker of the evening, walked along the row commenting on the contestants' looks and bodies.

When Aina had whittled the six men to two, the two men looked at each other and said what they thought.

"I'd like your penis," Rob said to Matty.

Then Aina had to get naked herself. Rob said he liked her boobs. Unfortunately, Aina picked Matty.

Only then did the couple go on a clothed date.

People were utterly confused.

Next up was Mal, who was looking for men and women, which meant we got up close and personal with some vaginas.

By the end of the show we were pretty traumatised to be honest.

Even presenter Anna Richardson's house found it awkward.

But we cannot WAIT to see what the Gogglebox lot have to say about it.