Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi pays tribute to her dad on her 18th birthday


Bindi Irwin has turned 18 and showed she had her late father on her mind as she celebrated her big day.

She shared this lovely picture of herself with her parents when she was a baby, as she paid tribute to the father she lost in a tragic accident in 2006 when Bindi was just eight.

Steve, who was nicknamed the Crocodile Hunter was fatally injured in a stingray attack in Queensland while filming footage for a documentary.

Bindi captioned this picture: "This photo was taken within the first year of my life. To be perfectly honest life has changed in a million ways since this photograph was taken...Our Dad, Mum's soulmate and a superhero for us all, passed away.

Aussie adventurer Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter with his wife Terri their four-year-old daughter Bindi wrestle with a toy crocodile during a photocall at London Zoo to promote Steve and Terri's new movie The Crocodile Hunter.
Bindi with her parents when she was four (Myung Jung Kim/PA)

"However, since this photo was taken, 18 years ago, one life ingredient has remained, unchanged, unbreakable.

"That is the unconditional love that is shared between my beautiful little family and the loyalty we have to each other and everyone else who has taken this journey with us."

A second lovely photo showed Bindi cuddling up to a baby tiger.

She wrote: "I have so much happiness in my heart for the journey to come. Being 18 and embarking upon my adult years, I can't predict what life will have in store for me.

"All I know is that I will try my very best to make a difference in this world with each moment that I'm given.

"Life is constantly evolving and I'm determined to find the light and love around every corner and share this with everyone who is a part of my story."