Joe Budden chased two kids down his street after they shouted 'OVO' at him


Since labelling Views "uninspiring", Joe Budden has been thrust back into the spotlight, where he's visible once again to people otherwise unaware of his work post-Pump It Up. And it appears he's now dealing with the issues that come with that.

Two hardcore Drake fans took it upon themselves to visit Joey at his house, screaming "OVO" and lyrics from Drake's reply in his general direction.

Joe took offence to this and, maybe not thinking about how quickly things grow on the internet, chased the two kids first on foot and then by car.

In the next clip Joe catches up with them, appearing to put rocks through their sunroof and saying "this is not the internet" before warning them that next time he'll "kill one of you".

No one wants to be trolled at their own house, so in some regards Joe's reaction is understandable.

What can't be excused though, for a man whose public perception already leaves him open to mocking, is giving people the excuse to do this.