Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden talks break-ups

Brian McFadden has told how he dealt with the end of his two marriages.

The former Westlife star and Vogue Williams announced their split, after three years, last summer.

Brian, 36, was previously wed to Kerry Katona, the mother of his two children.

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona (Ian West/PA)

He said of model Vogue: "We had a friendship for a long time after we broke up. Maybe that was just unfinished business.

"Now we have both decided that we have moved on."

Brian, who also had a long relationship with singer Delta Goodrem, added: "When you break up with somebody...It is like a death and it is like mourning somebody...."

Delta and Brian together in 2005 (Haydn West/PA)
Delta and Brian together in 2005 (Haydn West/PA)

He also told the Loose Women panel: "I've always had this thing where I can switch off straight away. Instead of mourning somebody I train my head to imagine that they just don't exist.

"(I) unfollow them on social media, get rid of all pictures, anything that would remind me of them and just carry on with life.

"Except for Kerry obviously because we've got children."

He told the ITV show: "I don't have any negativity to any of my partners in my past because I've moved on.

"The reasons with all my three different relationships didn't work were different."

Brian has covered a wedding anniversary tattoo on his arm with a Batman logo.

"Maybe it's an immature attitude and maybe it's why I've been married twice," he said.

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden
(Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

"For me, when I'm unhappy and break up with someone I bury it in my head and I meet someone new and we're happy. I try to live my life as happy as I can.

"Girls...when they break up...they speak to each other...Most men would say, 'just go and sleep with someone else. You will be fine.'"

Brian said that he had no hatred for any of his former flames and that the reasons for each of his splits were "different".

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