Ucas is sending people tampons and everyone is really, really confused


When you see an envelope from Ucas come through your letter box, you might be nervously wondering if it's an unconditional offer to study at your first choice uni.

Or you can relax because it's just tampons.

Lots of A-level students were pretty confused when they received an array of sanitary products in the post from Ucas.

Nice to know Ucas cares about periods though, right?

Even though it's a tad awkward.

And quite random and confusing.

Might come in handy though.

Many just wanted their university places confirmed instead though.

It seems not everyone has received their free sanitary hamper yet, which is stressing some people out.

Ucas responded to one girl's confusion, to clear it all up (sort of, not really).

If you don't want them, this is quite a good idea though...