Why was Christmas classic Love Actually on TV... in July?


There's something just not quite right about watching Bill Nighy compete for the Christmas Number One in the middle of a July heatwave.

But despite this, beloved festive movie Love Actually was shown on ITV on Thursday night. A maverick decision.

Some were not pleased to see Hugh Grant and his gyrating hips on their screens any time before December...

Fortunately, the broadcaster just could not care less.

The movie replaced The Dark Knight on the ITV2 schedule last week in the aftermath of the Nice lorry attack, with the channel opting to show a less violent film with the message "love is all around".

The Batman movie features a scene where a lorry hurtles down a street.

But a week later... ITV decided to do it all again, bringing Love Actually back for a second go.

Luckily, some applauded the decision to show it:

The premiere of Love Actually in 2003
The premiere of Love Actually in 2003 (Ian West/PA)