Watch this heart-warming video of kids sharing their parents' dreams


When children are playing, running round and generally being a mischief, it's easy to think they aren't really listening to you.

And when Disney asked a bunch of children what their dreams were, some of the kids really did seem up in the clouds.

But when they asked the children what their parents' dreams were, their heart-warming responses show they do listen and care after all.

To launch the Dream Big video, Disney polled 1,013 children to ask what they'd like to do when they grow up. The children were allowed to choose as many jobs as they liked.

The most popular choice was a zookeeper - 19.6% of children said it was one of their dreams.

In second place was a teacher, with 18.8% choosing the profession.

Owen Drabwell, 10, gets close to a coati at London Zoo.
(Anthony Upton/PA)

Anna Hill, VP Disney Franchise, UK & Ireland, said: "Disney is a company founded by the biggest dreamer of all, and we believe it is important to inspire young people to have the courage to make their dreams come true.

"The modern character attributes of Disney princesses - whether fearless and loyal like Mulan or creative and inquisitive like Rapunzel - show that you can accomplish anything if you dare to dream big."