Pokemon Go marketer says a Game of Thrones real world game is his dream

One of Pokemon Go's marketing managers says his dream is to create a similar app for Game Of Thrones.

Speaking to GameSpot Archit Bhargava, whose been with Niantic through real world game Ingriss and into Pokemon Go, revealed his hopes that real world games continue increasing in popularity, culminating in "a Game Of Thrones game where Westeros is mapped out on Earth and you join House Stark or whatever."

Pokemon Go played in Japan

A game of that scale would likely require more coordination between players than Pokemon Go - the multiplayer mode of which is still being worked out, Bhargava said.

Instead a Game Of Thrones augmented reality game would be more like Ingriss, Niantic's first big breakthrough, which sees gamers join two teams and battle for real world locations of cultural significance. Whole areas of land can be captured through team coordination and turned into a "control field" - the largest of which at one stage had points established in Greece, Germany, and Ukraine, with an average distance between points of just over a mile, and which required the coordination of 200 players.

So if you think Pokemon Go has taken over the world, you don't want to imagine what could happen if Bhargava's dream comes true...

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