Check out this absolute fail of a tweet from Southern Rail


If you thought Southern Rail couldn't get any worse, you should see their Twitter account.

It turns out Southern's social media skills are about as good as their ability to run trains.

On Friday afternoon, at 2pm, employee Tina told the world she was off home for the weekend.

With a BYE in caps and poor grammar, it felt like Tina was taunting us as she rushed home in the sunshine.

Customers were not pleased.

To be fair though, it's been an emotional day for Tina.

It was Joe's last day at the company, and emotions were running high.

Joe was in high spirits though.

But as you can probably guess, once more the customers weren't happy.

The tweets come after months of travel misery for passengers, with delays, cancellations, strikes and staff shortages.

We can only hope Tina has a better weekend than some of her passengers.