Kayode Ewumi aka Roll Safe has been inspiring kids at a Hackney school


When Alison Kakande reached out to Kayode Ewumi, star of the wildly popular Hood Documentary series, she wasn't expecting a response.

Alison wanted Kayode, known as Roll Safe or R.S. in the mocumentary, to pay a visit to her son's school to show that anything is possible with determination.

"My son told me everything I talk to him about is a life lesson, so I contacted R.S. to prove that with determination you can get places," Alison told the Hackney Gazette. "I said 'Will you come to prove a point?', and he said 'Yeah'. I couldn't believe it."

R.S. visited Skinner's Academy to surprise all the kids with Hood Documentary's director Tyrell Williams - the two of them being responsible for creating a successful piece of new media like nothing we'd seen before, off their own backs.

"All the kids are quoting him, some of the things he does the young boys will relate to that, but also he's silly and he's funny," said Alison.

"Kayode and Tyrell came to inspire the kids, which they did. They are very humble grounded men."

You can watch old episodes of Hood Documentary here, while newer episodes are on BBC Three.