Dara O'Briain says the bullet-proof glass on Robot Wars saved his life


Dara O'Briain has said his life was saved thanks to the bullet-proof glass on the BBC's new incarnation of Robot Wars.

The cult favourite has returned to the BBC after 12 years off TV screens, and Dara is co-hosting alongside Angela Scanlon.

The new version makes its debut on BBC Two this Sunday and during an interview with Square Eyes, the Daily Mirror's TV supplement, Irishman Dara talked about the hazards of filming.

Robot Wars presenter Dara O Briain (Steve Brown/BBC/Angst Productions)
Robot Wars presenter Dara O'Briain (Steve Brown/BBC/Angst Productions)

"I have never been more appreciative of bullet-proof glass than when I ducked into one of the ring-side areas as I saw a shard of metal smash in front of our faces. Like it's coming at you at 60 miles per hour," he said.

"There was steam coming off this bit that's been wrenched off a robot right in front of us. The bullet-proof glass saved us."

Following the format of the original series, teams of amateur roboteers will see their imaginatively armed creations go head to head with the sole purpose of destroying their competitor.

Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon in Robot Wars (Alan Peebles/BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland)
Dara O'Briain and Angela Scanlon in Robot Wars (Alan Peebles/BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland)

Think Rome's Colosseum, but with robots rather than gladiators.

Broadcast on the BBC from 1998 to 2003 and then Channel 5 from 2003 until 2004, the new six-part series of Robot Wars promises a "raft of technological advances".

Dara and fellow Irish broadcaster Angela will report on the robots and the teams, and obtain feedback from the judges.

Dara O'Briain to co-host Robot Wars (
Dara O'Briain to co-host Robot Wars (Ian West/PA)

Jonathan Pearce, best known for his work in sports broadcasting, returns as commentator.

All the Robot Wars action comes from a new purpose-built fighting arena in Glasgow. State-of-the-art cameras capable of capturing every saw, claw and flame-thrower will allow viewers to feel even closer to the action.

Robot Wars' Dead Metal, Sir Killalot, Matilda, Shunt The House Robots  (Alan Peebles/BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland)
Robot Wars' Dead Metal, Sir Killalot, Matilda and Shunt, the house robots (Alan Peebles/BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland)

Fans will fondly recall original house robots such as Sir Killalot, Shunt and Sergeant Bash.

The new super-sized house monsters include Dead Metal, Sir Killalot and Matilda.