Brendan O'Carroll can't wait for the live episode of Mrs Brown's Boys to be over


Mrs Brown's Boys star and creator Brendan O'Carroll has admitted to nerves ahead of the popular sitcom's live episode this Saturday.

Titled Mrs Brown's Boys Live: Mammy Sutra, the special edition on BBC One is part of the BBC's landmark sitcom season celebrating the programming genre.

Brendan told the Daily Mirror: "Half of me can't wait to get there and half of me wishes it was over."

The cast of Mrs Brown's Boys (BBC)
The cast of Mrs Brown's Boys (BBC)

Like many of the most popular situation comedies, Mrs Brown's Boys revolves around a family. What sets it apart is the profanity.

The live show on Saturday will air without a swear filter for the first time ever.

According to the synopsis, Brendan's meddling Irish matriarch Agnes Brown will do what she does best - meddle in everyone's lives.

Brendan O'Carroll and wife Jennifer Gibney play mother and daughter in Mrs Brown's Boys (Artur Widak/PA)
Brendan O'Carroll and wife Jennifer Gibney play mother and daughter in Mrs Brown's Boys (Artur Widak/PA)

Agnes discovers son Mark Brown (Pat 'Pepsi' Shields) and his wife Betty (Amanda Woods) are experiencing problems in the bedroom. She takes it upon herself to fix the situation.

Mrs Brown's Boys is definitely a family affair as a number of Brendan's relatives and friends have roles in the series.

Cathy Brown, Mrs Brown's fourth child and only daughter, is played by Brendan's real-life wife Jennifer Gibney.

Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown (Yui Mok/PA)
Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown (Yui Mok/PA)

Brendan's daughter-in-law Amanda, who is married to his son Danny O'Carroll, portrays Betty in Mrs Brown's Boys. Danny plays Buster in the BBC sitcom.

The Irishman's grandson Jamie O'Caroll plays Bono Brown, the son of Mark and Betty.

Brendan's real-life daughter Fiona O'Carroll is Maria Brown. In the show, Maria is Agnes' daughter-in-law courtesy of her marriage to Dermot Brown (Paddy Houlihan).

Trevor Brown, the youngest of Agnes' sons who is a priest, is played by Martin Delany, who is Fiona's husband and Brendan's son-in-law.

Brendan's sister Eilish O'Carroll plays Agnes's next-door neighbour and best friend Winnie.

On the subject of this rather unique cast set-up, Brendan said: "We'll all suffer together. It does help having family there. But the funny thing is when we're on stage, I don't think about them as being family."

He added: "On stage it has never dawned on me that they're anything but the character that they are."

Brendan, whose son Brendan died of spina bifida as a baby, has three grown-up children by his first wife Doreen and six grandsons.

He has been married to Jennifer, 52, for 11 years. The couple do not have children together, but they are active fundraisers for a number of charities.

Originally a radio show in 1992, Mrs Brown's Boys made its TV debut in 2011.

One of the biggest comedy shows on television with ratings that have climbed as high as 12 million viewers, the comedy was adapted for the big screen in 2014.