Mysterious band The Pies release debut album after 30 YEARS


It's been a long time coming... but The Pies are releasing their first album three decades after they got together.

The mysterious Liverpool band have been around since the 80s, when graffiti bearing their name started popping up on motorway bridges up north.

Motorists all over the north west pondered the questions - who or what are The Pies? And what do they do?

The only response was graffiti, and more graffiti and more graffiti, with the slogan "The Pies, The Pies" cropping up on motorway bridges all over the place.

But those questions have finally been answered. They are a band. And we are about to hear their stuff on their album, A Brief History Of Pies.

Frontman Ashley Martin told the BBC that the group first daubed their name on a bridge over the M57 in Merseyside some 30 years ago.

He said they did it because "we got stuck on the bridge and we didn't know what to do".

Finally, they are about to introduce the public to their music as well as their artwork.

The great unveiling will be a show at St George's Hall in Liverpool on July 23.

Ash recently told there could even be a sophomore offering if their debut is well received, but in true Pies style "it won't be rushed".

"How long will depend on how this album is received... if it's received very well, and people wanted to hear more asap, I would still want two years to play around with 20 ideas and then maybe end up with 12 songs to record," he said.

"We have a great second set of songs. Between us, over 30 years, we have quite a few that stand out! If this album is not well received, I would just keep doing it anyway and take my time. Two years is a rush in pie time..."