Long Lost Family was full of inspirational stories and we were all crying


Long Lost Family is famous for making people cry, and this episode was no different.

But the ITV show was more inspirational than usual on Wednesday night.

When we first met Vanda, who said she was looking for her brother, we had no idea what the ending would be.

It turned out her mother had an affair with a local married man, and the shame of the resulting pregnancy was why Vanda's brother was given away.

After some searching from the Long Lost Family team, Vanda's brother was found...but now she was her sister.

Debbie, who used to be called John, was scared about her sister finding out about her transition.

We held our breath as we waited for Vanda's reaction, but Vanda was full of love and support for her new sister.

We also met Samantha.

Her mother fell in love with a man called Jean-Pierre in Switzerland, but when she returned to Scotland, pregnant, she never saw her lover again.

Their daughter Samantha never met her father.

When we heard the sad news that Jean-Pierre had died 22 years ago, we were all crying.

But Samantha did find her long lost extended family.

Her uncle and cousins were delighted to find out about her and said they couldn't wait to give her a hug.

When they finally met, the tears were streaming.

With happy endings all round, weren't we all just thinking this?