Former Coronation Street star Alison King is pleased she doesn't have to film weddings or learn lines anymore


Alison King will return to Coronation Street as a virtual guide for a new tour, but the actress has revealed she does not miss learning lines or filming wedding scenes.

Alison, 43, left the ITV programme in May after playing Carla Connor for 10 years.

The soap will be going on the road at the end of August, inviting fans into an immersive experience to enjoy all things Weatherfield.

Alison King at the TV Choice Awards 2015 in London
Alison King (pictured at the TV Choice Awards 2015 in London) has revealed what she doesn't miss now she has left Coronation Street (Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Visitors will be able to see the iconic set, cobbles, props and memorabilia as it takes up residency in Glasgow until January, before a proposed move to Belfast.

The much-loved star will act as the exhibition's official guide, sharing show secrets with guests and walking them through the iconic venues, including the beloved Rovers Return pub.

She told Press Association that she is happy to have left the programme for now.

Alison King as Carla Connor and David Neilson as Roy Cropper on Coronation Street (ITV Pictures/Coronation Street)
Alison King left her role as Carla Connor in May after 10 years on the soap (ITV Pictures/Coronation Street)

"It's just as hard work being a mum, but without the line-learning. I don't miss that at the moment," she said.

She has a seven-year-old daughter Daisy Mae with former fiance Adam Huckett, who worked on the show.

The actress - whose character appeared as a bride in three ceremonies - said after working on the soap for a decade, she would not miss shooting wedding scenes.

She said: "I think my least favourite [part of working on Coronation Street] are all the weddings because they take so long and you get over being in that dress pretty quickly."

Coronation Street set
Coronation Street's Rovers Return Inn pub will form a part of a new immersive tour, set to kick off in Glasgow in August (ITV / Press Association Images)

The actress also ruled out returning to Corrie in the immediate future.

During her time on the soap, she was involved in several dramatic storylines including developing a gambling addiction and battling alcoholism.

Alison's exit saw Carla leave for Devon after a failed attempt to run over sworn enemy Tracy Barlow.