Will Unsolved be the BBC's answer to Serial and Making a Murderer? Here's what you need to know


True crime fans who are still pining for episodes of Serial and Making A Murderer, pine no longer.

BBC Three's new show Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared could fill the gaping void left in our sleuthing hearts.

(BBC/Adam Patterson)

The series will follow journalists Alys Harte and Bronagh Munro as they launch a detailed and serialised investigation into a teenage boy who mysteriously vanished on the Isle of Wight 20 years ago.

Damien Nettles, 16, went missing in 1996 after a night out in the small town of Cowes. Nearly two decades later, his body has never been found and no one charged.

Damien Nettles

The question the journalists will be asking is was Damien murdered? And if so, who was behind his death and disappearance?

The online format of BBC Three will offer up eight short episodes but will also give viewers plenty of evidence for us to pore over, including maps, documents and character profiles.

Alys Harte
Alys Harte (BBC/Adam Patterson)

Alys and Bronagh will venture into the Isle of Wight's dark underbelly, unearthing evidence and sometimes conflicting accounts, while audiences are drawn into the twists and turns of their gripping investigation.

They will also delve into the drug dealing scene and use dogs to hunt for a body.

We are already hooked!