Russell Brand prepares for fatherhood with birthing books


Russell Brand has turned to birthing books to prepare for his imminent fatherhood.

The 41-year-old comedian is about to become a first-time father with girlfriend model Laura Gallacher, 27, and has been recently adding parenting tomes to his #trewLit book club.

In a new Instagram post, he shared his review of Birth Without Violence, a revolutionary book by  obstetrician Frederick Leboyer from 1975 that advocates gentle birthing techniques such as low lighting and noise and placing babies in warm water after birth.

Russell called it "a total classic of the genre and a philosophy for life, death."

He said  it "explained how the medical profession has masculinised child birth and removed it from the domain of women", although he acknowledged medical advancements had reduced the number of women dying in labour.

It came out favourably in comparison to his previous read, The Expectant Dad's Handbook - which he admitted his mum had bought for him - although he acknowledged it was "pretty good".

Also on his list was Sophie Walker's The First Time parent: Six-Months On The Outside.

With all this reading, Russell should be very ready when Laura finally drops!