Cheryl, Susanna Reid and Niall Horan soak up the summer sun


The sun is out, Britain is baking in the glorious heat - and celebrities have been out in force to enjoy the weather.

Of course, just like us, they have plenty of grumbles about the sweltering temperatures.

Here is how celebrities have been celebrating the heatwave:

Cheryl realised she was a typical Brit.

Niall Horan headed out to enjoy the sunshine.

Susanna Reid kept it colourful as she headed to a summer party...

Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid (Ian West/PA)

Rizzle Kicks were desperate for water...

We are all Ricky Gervais.

Pixie Lott provoked huge amounts of envy with this rooftop snap:

Arlene Phillips wanted a boogie:

Apparently the weather could be causing Internet outages, preventing any work from getting done... a likely excuse, Robert Webb.