The game that lets you BE the train line causing your delays


Train delays happen, and they always seem to be on the exact line that we need at the exact time we need it.

For most of us, this is a problem that can only be dealt with by grumbling through every medium of social media we can think of, while using the time to catch up on some reading. Or to just catch more Pokemon.

But some even more creative people have put a more amusing spin on the all-too-frequent frustration by developing a game where players step into the shoes of the train company itself.

Southern Rail Tycoon

The aim is to cancel trains by stopping passengers and staff reaching them. The more services you scupper, the more "profit" you build.

The specific company you're playing, in this case, is Southern Rail, which recently made the news again following problems with its services.

On Friday, former rail minister Claire Perry quit the Government after a series of failings by the company and disputes including its plans to transfer responsibility for closing train doors from conductors to drivers, industrial action and high levels of staff sickness.

People have actually protested about Southern's service.
People have actually protested about Southern's service (Lauren Hurley/PA)

On Monday the company began using a revised timetable, cutting 341 trains a day. This was not helped by a 50ft sinkhole that opened up under one of its tracks, severely disrupting services during rush-hour and causing delays of at least 40 minutes.

The company has been regularly updating its website and social media platforms with advice for commuters - but, if you do happen to be stuck in the delays, at least now you have a new game to pass the time.