Reality show Eden gets started, and viewers are intrigued


Eden has started and the verdict is in - we like it, but we don't really love it.

Channel 4´s new reality show is following 23 people living in the Scottish Highlands for a year, stranded in the wilderness with basic provisions and the chance to start again and to create a society from scratch.

Viewers have wholeheartedly embraced the concept and excitement was bubbling as we watched the campers hike to their new home.

But doubts soon started to creep in over the provisions. Food, animals, seeds... condoms. Starting from scratch you say?

And then there is what they are doing with the provisions.

A hot shower. A sweat lodge. Are these the basics?

Many viewers were also less than impressed when a pig was slaughtered for meat.

Then further into the episode a goat died after it was able to eat something it shouldn't.

There have also been many posts reminding us that this isn't the first time we've seen this sort of social experiment on television, as it is similar to Castaway with Ben Fogle.

Ben was tweeting up a storm once Eden got under way.

It obviously had him in a nostalgic mood.

But despite its issues, overall Eden has made a solid start. Top Gear this isn't.

It has won plenty of love and the audience is both jealous of the opportunity and intrigued by what will happen next.

"Adventurer" Anton is generating much of the tension, with his insistence on building a winter camp on the other side of the site and his gradual separation from the pack.

And we're all looking forward to seeing if we get into Lord Of The Flies territory when those tensions inevitably intensify.

There was even alcohol and some flickers of romance, helping those of us mourning the end of Love Island.