11 people who really can't deal with the great British heatwave

Good news everyone: summer appears to have finally arrived! Bad news: none of us were prepared for this. Not remotely. We've been all about cardigans and rain-proof shoes and all of a sudden it's twenty-something degrees and we're very, very hot.

If you've been feeling like you are slowly but surely melting, you're not alone. Here are 11 people who agree.

1. People who have become acutely aware of how unpleasant public transport is in the heat.

2. Anyone who wanted an ice cream but got there a little too late.

3. Pets.

4. Anyone with very fair skin.

5. Anyone who is really quite fond of the electric blanket.

6. Anyone who didn't invest in a very big fan and is now regretting it.

7. Those of us who suffer from Chronic Sweaty Face.

8. Anyone above shade 1788.

9. Those who really kind of miss the rain.

10. All the curly haired people of the world.

11. Anyone who bothered with makeup this morning. What. Was. The. Point.

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