The best of #WorldEmojiDay... teary-eyed-smiley-face


It was only a matter of time before the concept of emojis got its own global day of recognition.

So it's no surprise that, on its third annual coming, people around the world have been getting very creative with their emojis on Twitter - the very medium that brought the humble yellow blob to life.

And we've actually learned quite a lot from them...

We've discovered how closely emojis really do resemble our facial expression. It's true because Taylor showed us.

And so did players from German football team, Borussia Dortmund.

We can also make them out of our favourite fictional characters...

And the non-fictional.

You know who they are...
You know who they are... (Twitter/PA)

In fact, you can make pretty much anything out of emojis.

We still dream about the emojis we want to see on our social media in the future,

As well as all the other emoji-based merch we need in our lives.

We've learnt a little something about what emojis mean to people all over the world...

At any time of the year.

Who even needs words at all, when emojis can make such a clear statement about how we feel?

They can also makes things a little more complicated - but it's all fun and games.

We'll leave you to work on that one for a bit. Happy World Emoji Day, folks!