Lydia and Arg might just have finally broken up for good after teary start to new Towie series


It's a new series of The Only Way Is Essex and while the gang were all in new surrounds in Mallorca the usual post break-up fall-out was at the centre of every conversation.

Front and centre of all the talk was the on-again, off-again relationship between Arg and Lydia, but this time it seems as though they might be done for good after a teary beach scene.

Lydia laid down the law - telling Arg in no uncertain terms that she doesn't even want to acknowledge him even more. It was straight-to-the-point sort of stuff and when Arg was left walking away along the beach in tears, viewer were heartbroken for him.

Lydia didn't really come out of it all that well, even if A LOT of people thought it was time to end it for good, and Arg later admitted she was right before saying he was going to head home early.

Other viewers were just getting a sense of deja vu.

There was also a sad break-up between Dan and Kate.

And then, in true Towie style, it turned out they were back together a day later.