Stephen Mulhern loses his cool on Catchphrase and amuses fans on social media


Stephen Mulhern cried out in exasperation on Saturday night's episode of Catchphrase after the final two contestants kept insisting a door knocker was a bell.

In the popular ITV game show, players are asked to "say what you see" in order to have a chance of winning £50,000 cash.

Finalists Hannah and eventual winner Sinead were both stumped by an animation with children in a school. The two women suggested phrases containing the word bell despite being told on more than one occasion that it was not a bell.

"That's not a bell," said Stephen.

After hearing "ring the school bell" - he lost his cool.

"That's not a bell!" he loudly exclaimed. He then walked over to the board and said again: "It's not a bell!"

A screengrab from Catchphrase (ITV)
A screengrab from Catchphrase (ITV)

In the end, Sinead was correct with "school of hard knocks". She also ended up winning £14,100 plus a holiday to New York.

Viewers who had their say on Twitter enjoyed seeing the normally unflappable Stephen jokily lose his cool.

Hooray for Catchphrase!