People are describing 2016 in 3 words and showing just how scary this year's really been


We are only half way through 2016, but the year has brought many things.

In Britain we have voted to leave the European Union, got a new Prime Minister, and had a Cabinet reshuffle in less than a month.

Over on Twitter, users were describing 2016 in three words, using the hashtag #2016in3words.

From Belgium, to Turkey, to Iraq, to Nice, most people referenced the terror attacks that have taken place across the world this year.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also made a strong impact this year, with protests across America after two black men were shot and killed by police forces.

It seems like forever ago that these celebrities died, but these tragic deaths also took place this year.

Some people couldn't cope, and wanted this year to hurry up and end already.

There was one good thing that happened this year though.

Let's hope that 2017 is better.