Birmingham's happiest thief dances for the camera after nabbing cash


Fleeing the crime scene might be the first priority for your average thief. But apparently not for this guy.

In fact, he even stopped to do a ridiculous little dance right in front of a CCTV camera when he found, to his delight, a £50 note in the wallet he had just stolen from a parked car.

Unable to contain his excitement, Kamayi Matumona broke into a street shuffle as he pocketed the cash swiped from a vehicle in Laxey Road in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

He finished the show with a sly glance towards the camera before bopping "off stage".

And now he'll have some time to concentrate on perfecting those sweet moves after admitting theft and being jailed for 22 weeks.

Whatever works for you, Kamayi.